Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finding out!

Two weeks ago I started having minor pain right above my knee. For the first couple days I figured I just bent it wrong or I pulled a muscle, But a few days later I couldn't bend it for long periods of time. I had thought maybe it had to do with the chiropractic work on my back that had started around the same time as the pain in my knee. So I talked to my chiropractor to see if she could fix it. She took a couple X-rays....but unfortunately she did not have a diagnosis for my problem. One morning I woke up and I couldn't stand on it, or walk on it...it came to such a severe pain that my parents took me to the Emergency room....at a local hospital. They took more X-rays...and they also took a blood test, and gave me a brace for me knee. So I left the Hospital that night with still no answers to my problem. The day after that (which was Sunday) I felt fine. The brace had helped and I was able to walk and go to church. I was so happy, and I had thought that this brace might have been all I needed to help my knee heal! The following Monday I had a doctors appointment with one of my family doctors......where I found out that there was a chance that I could have osteo sarcoma....which is a cancer of the bone....I wasn't really sure how to react, but something came over me and I just broke down right there in the Doctors office....Just thinking of all the things I wanted to do in the next couple of years. It just hit me that I might not be able to do these things.....so My mother and I did the best thing that could have been done we both took a couple of minutes and prayed....I have to admit it was very hard to pray then.....because all I thought about was me and myself and my life....Than I realized at that moment that this had nothing to do with me or mylife but just simply what God wants for me and my life, and at that moment I could feel the comfort from the comforter Himself....Yes, I know it sounds corny but that's the only way I can say it in words......and later I found out that I did have cancer......When I found out for sure it really didn't hit me that I actually have cancer (it still hasn't)...I mean you always think of it as a possibility, but you never think it will actually happen........that night at about one in the morning I had another break down just crying and asking God "why me" (as I'm sure every one has asked in their life time).Than almost instantly Psalms 23:1 popped into my head...and I said it over and over until I fell asleep.....the next day (which is today) I had an appointment with another doctor....which couldn't really help much...all he really found out was that the cancer/ tumor is also in the bone....(which is not good)........ so that's all I know for now!......Please Pray for me as this process continues!!!


  1. Megan,
    We are praying for you and your family. What a wonderful idea for you to start this blog. It will be a GREAT blessing to you as you look back in future and see ALL the answered prayers and how He has used you for His glory. And there will be blessing you don't see, blessing you have been to others who read about your trials and your faith. I was blessed by your story about how you couldn't sleep, and the Lord gave you Ps. 23:1. Instead of counting sheep, you talked to the "Shepherd".
    Megan you are amazing young lady!!
    We love you guys so much, Give your mom a BIG hug for me!!!
    Mrs. Harrison

  2. I love you Megan!! I'm praying for you every day several times a day. I know I haven't said much yet, but I didn't want you to get overloaded with words of comfort and encouragement. But you really are such an amazing young woman. You're definitely the little sister I now wish I could have had. I admire you and your strength. You are a sweet, giving, wonderful person and I've been blessed to know you and your whole family for all of my life. I remember (even though I was really young) the miracle of your birth. I remember spending countless nights at your house and swimming in your pool allllll day. I love your whole family as my own. Your mom is like a second mom to me and you and Janine became my seraget sisters.

    Chris wanted me to let you know that he's praying as well, and that he loves you. Yes, my fiance is a sweetheart. Basically he loves the people that I love. But still. He does care. lol

    God bless little sis!

  3. Megan!!! I love you sooo much!! BY the way... did you really write that blog?? its like a real book the writing and grammar is so well... im impressed!!! I am praying for you alot.. i know you here that alot but i truly am..i just did this morning lol... im glad to know that you are letting God handle the situation and giving it all to him... because thats the only way you will get through this!!! keep me up to date!! miss you already..hope to see you soon and maybe hang out!! love ya sis...miss waffle..or bible i cant remember...honey bunches of oats!!!! fjuumm!! lol. Im just letting all our jokes out, I hope you get a laugh!!

    Love ya
    Your friend always,

  4. Megan..Love You and Praying for you..Anything we can do..PLEASE ask...Hugs, Mrs. Dollyhigh

  5. Dearest Megan,

    You know that our Lord and Savior is with you now, as he always has been. He has given you His word and promises you salvation in Him alone. That message of hope and life will be full of much more meaning, now, in the midst of what you, you parents, your siblings, your grandparents, and friends are about to endure. I can already see that you know where your source of comfort is to be found. I will be praying for you, crying with you, knowing that Christ is with you all they way. In Christ, Your cousin, Laura

  6. Dearest Megan,
    We want to let you know that we are thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers. Such a sweet girl you are and it's good to see that you have a wonderful relationship with our Lord. We love you dearly.

    Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Larry